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Tea House

Welcome to the Tea House at Liv. Here you may choose from our carefully blended medicinal teas, which have been crafted to address symptoms associated with various ailments. Browse our collections carefully, to find the right solutions for your healing needs.

The Healer

"The Healer" is an invigorating, delicious blend,

composed to aid in relaxation, and assist with symptoms associated with Chronic Pain, and Inflammation. 

Lady Parts * Special Tea

"Lady Parts" is every woman's tea. Recommended for

preventative health in relation to uterine health, and managing the symptoms associated with both pre-menstraul syndrome, and menopause. Lady Parts is a delicious, herbal/root tea, that promotes the health of the most beautiful part of a Lady. 

SpringTime * Special Tea

Essentially amazing! How can something that works so well, taste so good?! This blend boasts a mix of bold citrus, aromatic herb, and a hint of mint, for an absolutely calming sipping experience.

F! The Flu * Special Tea

What's in a name? The truth when it comes to "F! The Flu"

A strong Spicy blend- this tea should be taken at the onset of Flu symptoms, for best results. "F! The Flu" is also taken daily as an immunity booster. 

Sleep Tight * Special Tea

"Sleep Tight" is a dream! This herbal blend is recommended for those dealing with insomnia and any stress related contributing factors. Passion flower, Lavender, Chamomile, and Peppermint set the perfect tone for a peaceful night's sleep. 

Why Weight? *Special Tea

Composed to assist with weight loss, and the side effects

of obesity. Boasting healing superstars, Green Sencha Tea, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, Hibiscus, and Fennel Seeds, for flavor and assistance in appetite control.


A Liv Brand Favorite!

Composed especially for you! What symptoms, aches or pains would you like to address? Let us know and our herbal artisans will create a blend just for you!